The Pragmatic Programmer notes

  1. The cat ate my source code. It’s your responsibility to come up with solutions, not excuses. Sure there’s many things to be taken into account but regardless, JFDI.

  2. Broken window theory. Momentum of bad code fucks shit up. Be on top of shit. Patch it up even with a W.I.P sign.

  3. Stone soup and boiled frogs. Being a catalyst of change, provoke additional features by going first and showing future promise. Yet, be careful as like a frog in boiling water, they won’t know the progressive deterioration of personal resources.

  4. Good-Enough software. The scope and quality of the system you produce should be specified as part of that system’s requirements.

  5. Your knowledge portfolio. Very similar to managing a financial one. The fundamentals are:

  6. Learn at least one new language each year.

  7. Read one technical book each quarter.

  8. Read non-technical books too.

  9. Take classes.

  10. Participate in local user groups.

  11. Experiment with different environments.

  12. Stay current and get wired with blogs, magazines, newsletters and podcasts.


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